The So-Called Elite K9 Club Event, unfortunately coming in October.

I watched a totally pointless press conference the other day, by a bunch of able-bodied young men, who decided to organize a dog event, to showcase their American Bulldogs, they nickname Bullies — which already explains everything — and their totally trendy French Bulldogs, on October 28.

Their time would be better served if they announced they will be doing some paint work for the elderly free of charge, in November, or roof and fence repairs, or even take their kids to the beach.

I have never heard of anything more futile, than this dog event.

They will be exhibiting bite work, my skin crawls just thinking about it, how to make a dog bite on command. And they even recruited a vet for the day in case of fighting, that would require stitching.

They will show you how well their poor dogs do bombarded by unpleasant sounds and lights, just like under fire in Afghanistan.

I don’t trust these organizers, at all, when it comes to dogs, gentle, living, loving creatures, I don’t trust their intentions. They are not operating as dog advocates but as impresarios. It seems to me they have nothing to better to do in life, but turn their poor dogs into circus animals, doing tricks.

It would serve them better if they spent more time with their wives, mothers, girlfriends and kids, this island doesn’t need a dog costume parade, we need volunteers to improve the life of the elderly, and be more helpful to family members.

It is disrespectful towards CREATION to stick a dog in a costume and parade him/her to a laughing audience.

I suffered thru the press conference and I suffer now, just writing about it, and thinking how many wonderful things could be accomplished by these Macho babies of Elite K9, if they only wanted to use their time and energy conscientiously, but alas, all they want to do is play.

Grow up. Make yourself really useful to your society.

If you talk to the City Inspector he will tell you that the dog challenges in Aruba are overwhelming, and we need work done in the area of responsible ownership with the emphasis on responsible.


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October 28, 2021
Rona Coster