The second installment of Benefit Fair & Expo, at La Cabana Beach Resort

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino recently hosted the second installment of a successful Benefit Fair & Expo. The event was well organized and also enjoyed great attendance. The second installment was designed to inform associates and encourage them to take an active interest in their benefits.

With the focus on Payroll Pro HRM available Portal and App,  including an informative presentation on the subject of payslips, how to read them correctly, and an introduction to Medwork services, the event generated much interest.

The resort invited VCC, Medwork, and the Accounting Management to share the stage, and be part of a Q&A session. Booths were set up for associates to have one on one conversations, where all their questions would be answered.

The Payroll Pro App and Portal allow all associates easy access to their payslips, vacation days, the employee handbook, and much more, all via their phone or laptops/tablets. And the Accounting Management, was on hand to explain how it all works and make sure all employees are connected and  understanding of the setup.

Associates were also explained the benefits of having Medwork and the focus on preventive healthcare.

Big thanks to VCC Aruba, Payroll Pro HRM, Medwork, and accounting specialists Frida Geerman & Jonatha Bremo, for making the Benefits Fair & Expo II a big success!

According to Tessely Koolman, Director of HR, the fair provided an opportunity to showcase the benefits available to associates at the resort, so that they are more aware of existing services and possibilities.

Excellent work benefits, says Koolman, help us create a dedicate team of associates, with decreased turnover and lower absenteeism.

Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken, adds that benefits are an important subject. The initial goal of providing more information, and making associates aware of their great benefits, was perfectly accomplished.

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino just concluded 100 days of Celebrating U, an annual series of events lavishing associates with extra TLC, reminding them about healthier choices, the benefits of having a healthier lifestyle, the importance of mental health, and mindfulness.



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October 04, 2022
Rona Coster