The Second Chamber of Commerce Debate, Winners

A few nights ago, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the second debate, professionally emceed by Mark Benson Denz, who kept the show flowing. He enjoys a great level of comfort around our political leaders, and it showed.

Special thanks to sponsors who generously supported this form of political discourse, which by itself is the change we are all talking about, and asking for.

In total 3h and 12 minutes of fascinating materials.

Setar’s poll during the debate proved what we already know: HTC, CURPA, PP, POR and UPP are marginal parties, they will not mature into political players.

The results also showed MEP, as the winner of the debate, at 54%; followed by 13% for AVP, 9% for Raiz, 8% for Accion21, 7% for Mas, and then 3% each for PPA and RED.

The results also measured their leaders’ performance on stage, and the 15 last minutes, in which twelve leaders were asked to wrap up their campaigns, are worth examining:

Evelyn Wever Croes, MEP. She received 51% of the vote, as the most impactful leader, occupying first place. She wrapped up smoothly, pointing at her party’s past successes and looking at the future, where the return of our tourists delivers recovery from crisis. MEP has the vision, the team and the experience, she stated, dressed in royal blue, with perfect hair and makeup. She struck a decisively presidential stance. There was not mention of reform, just the banking on a good track record, as a guarantee for a secure future.

Mike Eman, AVP. He received 15% of the vote as the most impactful leaders, landing the second place. He started with a poignant observation, Aruba is staging a comeback, he said, from 4 years of stagnation. Which is obvious he was talking about himself, having been absent for the public arena for four years. Insiders report, in depression. Then he labeled himself the savior, in charge of the rescue squad. His kind of rescue is costly, and we pay the price, we know.

Marisol Lopez Tromp, MAS. She received 9% of the vote as the most impactful leader, landing in third place. By now, she is a master at introducing her platform, she demands respect for the tax payers, good governance, the fight of corruption, actions not words, conjuring a GOA free of corruption, injustice and irregularity, which results in lack of opportunity and poverty. She wishes for a trustworthy parliament, she said. She made no accusation, but labeled the previous crew as corruption-tolerant, and called for a change with MAS.

Ursell Arends, RAIZ. He received 9% of the vote as the most impactful leader, tying with MAS for third place. He talked about his party not being a one man show, he praised his team of professionals ready to work for Aruba. Dressed in a white shirt, open collar, no tie, he looked relaxed and deliberate, talking about his trustworthy platform, in a trustworthy way. He also mentioned unity, signaling he is a team player, and prepared to operate in a coalition government. I hope he picks MEP for the union.

Miguel Mansur, Accion21. The new kid on the block scored 7% of the vote as the most impactful leader, and ended in fourth place. He deviated from the usual and ad-libbed a sweet piece about being inspired to fight for our individual economic well-being as he made the first home visit, meeting locals dedicated to change. He also felt that the NEW FUTURE already started, by the fact that we are talking about burning issues. Impeccably dressed, in a great suit and tie, he repeated what we have been asking, why, why did you jump head first into politics, and the obvious answer is, he was inspired, called to the job.

More tomorrow


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June 21, 2021
Rona Coster