The S.H.I.T. show

An interesting document landed in my mail box titled Preliminary Business Case for RWZI Bubali Aeration System. (RWZI=Riool Water Zuiverings Instalatie)

The 34-page technical report by TNO, which is an independent, a-political entity, outlined the potential problems associated with high-risk for calamities to our environment. The report also outlines scientific solutions, all concerning the subject of the Bubali Plas.

While the island is full force into an expansion of its room inventory, we don’t seem to be planning for additional waste and grey water dumping which accompany such growth. Remember Bubali Plas is 50 years old, and had not been seriously renovated. We keep pouring our waste into it and hope it will come out the other end relatively ‘clean,’ serve our farmers for agriculture, maintain our golf courses, and send the overflow into our ocean harmlessly.

We hope.

In reality, Bubali Plas, is full of s.h.i.t.

It can no longer handle the amazing quantities of waste we produce. It is running at 50% efficiency, and costing a ton of money to run, because of these inefficiencies.

A presentation about the subject was already made in parliament in December and the MinPres got an educated overview of the situation; insiders are confident she will undertake the first step, which is assigning a group of experts to measure how much water we are dealing with.

Basically, a study of needs that will run GOA about US$200.000, and provide the roadmap for the upgrade of the plant, and the replacement of the current aeration system. And that’s urgent, if we want to prevent further damages to the eco-system, and prevent potential overflows into the hotel area. Price tag: A mere US$30 to US$40 million

The following is part of the TNO report summary:

Based on existing calculation the current aeration system for whatever we deposit into Bubali Plas, cannot achieve the oxygen level required to break it down, and ‘clean’ it. The current efficiency is lower than 50% and has a negative impact on the wetland at Bubali Plas. Because Bubali Plas runs the overflow into the sea, it may cause irrecoverable damages to marine life. The high level of ‘nutrients’ in the water we dispose into the ocean, affects our coral reefs negatively, resulting in beach erosion. Of course, this may affect tourism, but if we WANT tourists, we’d better come up with a treatment plan of their wastewater!

TNO already purchased the equipment to conduct the study and the measurement. It is in Aruba, waiting for GOA’s green light.

Interestingly enough, TNO was the outfit that measured and assessed the reported diesel-fume issue at the hospital. TNO establishing at the time, that the air was safe, and that a bit of mass hysteria or autosuggestion generated the hoopla, and that in reality, the hospital environment was diesel-fume free.

So, yes, go ahead, give us a wastewater treatment management plan, that will start with the feasibility study, then a RFP, a request for proposal, and finally the expansion, with the sewage reorganization and treatment plan in tow, for a total integrated water resources plan.   

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June 24, 2019
Rona Coster