The return of AruParking

I parked in town yesterday, oblivious of the comeback of AruParking, then I found out the machines are still OOO and a quick look on the website yielded an apology and a promise that the machines will be operational at the end of the week, they are working on it.

The comeback was announced by the Minister of Transport, followed by refreshed regulations and reinstated enforcement.

Oranjestad city center is blessed by 1,651 parking spaces, operated by AruParking.

Paid parking is now available from 9am to 7pm, and payment is enforced, since May 2nd, 2023,  with the help of AruParking attendants, armed with warning stickers.

The first violation is forgiven, the second carries a fine of Awg 75.

Failure to pay results in a formal ticket, mailed to the home address of the vehicle’s owner.

Contrary to the first draconic introduction of AruParking, enforcement will not include the brutal wheel clamp nor the merciless boot.

The public is reminded that 236 free spaces are available at the entrance to town, on the AruBus parking lot.

Special permits may be issued to retirees, woman in maternity, and people with physical limitations via the AruParking website, but filling a form.

As you find yourself a parking spot, you should identify an AruParking machine and pay Awg 1 for 30 minutes, Awg 2 for an hour or Awg 20 for the entire day.

You may make a payment in cash, local and US coins accepted, or credit card, Visa or Mastercard, locals may also use the app.

I have an AruParking smartcard from the previous round, I guess it is no longer valid.

I also believe yellow and white space designation is dead, you may park at any parking zone, as long as you pay for it.

A word of caution, follow the rules, stickers are very hard to remove!!

AruParking is again attempting  to teach us that parking close to main street has a price tag; parking further away is free.

The merchants on the main street welcome the restored arrangement at a modest price, because that makes sure employees park at a distance while prime locations are available for clients.

If you recall, AruParking was introduced with an iron fist in 2016.

Then during the dying phase of the AVP campaign in 2017, wheel clamping was lifted, and in one fell swoop, the 18 months spent on educating the public to park and pay, went down the toilet.

Paying for parking became an option, a suggestion, not a must.

Offenders could no longer be clamped, you got a yellow sticker, which most drivers promptly removed.

Then parking was only charged from 9am to 3pm, Sunday was free.

I hope in the new era, that AruParking updates its FB regularly, keeps the public informed, and answers phone and WhatsApp messages.

Can’t wait to also hear good news about AruTram, the world’s most costly free tram system, chugging along, its route incomplete.


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May 04, 2023
Rona Coster