The pot is again calling the kettle black

The Council of Ministers of the Kingdom met today, in the Netherlands, and decided to give Aruba until September to react to the threat of administrative instructions, a form of punishment for our bad behavior, which probably entail more financial supervision?!

The mood was tense over the last few days. The post-vacation first meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom talked about us, and all the stuff we don’t do, the steps we don’t take, the mitigating measures we avoid, the common sense we deny, and the general air of confidence that our economy, will manage to shake off 7.7 billion florin of national debt on the wings of our tourism, without much investment and/or maintenance, zero nature and/or over-tourism protection, little attention to any reduce, recycle or reuse strategies, while continuing to run the island on oil/LNG energy.

(It takes hours to figure out what caused the failures resulting in blackouts. Was it due to poor technical judgement, at WEB Aruba NV and Utilities NV? We are expecting 3,000 more rooms to come on line in the next year. Did political decision-making replace sound engineering?)

Anyway, this week a gorgeous minister of finance published her own picture, in her office, dressed in blue, contrasting nicely with a glass of orange juice, radiating health and serenity, her instruction to her followers?  Be grateful for the little things in life that make us happy.

Why? Says one of my friends.

Because if we think about what they are, and are not doing, we would go mad.

Aruba is a great island, in the clutches of a dysfunctional system.

And the dysfunction runs across party lines.

On Thursday, the former MinPres, the leader of the green party, initiated the sending of a letter to the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom, in conjunction with the two other opposition parties.

They recommended the dreaded administrative instructions, for the island, a slap on the wrist for the current government.

The letter accused current GOA of the same crimes committed by the former GOA.

The letter was incredibly ironic.

Don’t write about it, said one of my friends, don’t give them any ink.

But I had to.

because Aruba is in a socially unrecognizable and unacceptable negative development in all socio-economic areas, as a result of their political conduct, and the ones that followed, just carried on, acting on behalf of their Friends and Family, on the other side of the political divide.

I distinctly remember my urge to completely distance myself from their destructive policies, ongoing violations of integrity and nepotism, plus serious mismanagement.

Didn’t they get Aruba into bed with Venezuela and a gallery of shady characters, when they signed the Citgo contract, causing serious damage to society, financially and economically with long term consequences.

(I am using some of the language of the letter, here.)

You blame the current GOA for more taxes and undermining the parliamentary system.

Very funny. The pot calling the kettle black.

Anyway, MinPres reported we probably have until October, before any additional measures will be taken by the Dutch.

Aruba totally wasted the opportunity given to her by the pandemic crisis.

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August 26, 2022
Rona Coster