The Palm Beach Mall continues to make great progress

ARTFUSION - Second floor offering Mopa Mopa Art - Cielo Lopez Paz & daughter Maria Ximena Lopez DoradoLike a masterpiece coming to life under the encouraging, gently hand of a master artist, the Palm Beach Plaza is continuing to evolve and reveal its many wonderful surprises.

This week Mall Manager Alex Otterspeer enjoyed the privilege of meeting and greeting the developers of ArtFusion. They will be featuring artistic articles using a process that is more than five centuries old, bringing good luck to both the maker of the unique pieces and the visitors who purchase them.

Alberto Lopez Dorado, Cielo Lopez Paz & Maria Ximena Lopez Dorado of Mopa Mopa received their keys attached to a bottle of champagne and promised to deliver a wonderful store. They already successfully operate Art & Tradition on the main street, INTI at Royal Plaza, and The Mask at Paso Herencia.

Otterspeer also met with Dorylee Lopez-Penha, who is developing Candyland, situated right next to the mega plex cinemas. Dorylee Lopez-Penha, just returned from Holland finishing her studies there in the legislative field. She will be importing a wide variety of candies, licorice and much more to delight children and adults of all ages.
Churromania, the first tenant of the upcoming, much-anticipated Food Court, also received his keys. Maikel Samson & Jessy Ramirez, a young and ambitious couple will bring a wonderful product to the mall, delicious churros in various combinations. Look forward to try their crispy churros, and churros with condensed milk & strawberries, at their new Churromania outlet, a popular Latin American franchise

Johanna Hernandez, of Nautica, picked up the keys to the new store as the representative of the popular boutiques already a hit in town. Johanna has just returned from Panama where she finalized the shipment of all merchandise to Aruba.

The team of Shivas Gold & Gems, Aruba’s finest jewelry store headquartered at Royal Plaza, is busily decorating a large space on the first floor, positioned to become the mall’s flag ship anchor.

Developer Ash Ramchandani, reiterated that while Aruba’s #1 attraction is definitely the beach, the Palm Beach Plaza is shaping up to become the number two attraction. The Palm Beach Plaza, he confirms, is in its interior design phase, the last one before the southern Caribbean’s largest shopping plaza, opens.

“We look forward,” Ash concludes, “to establishing a new benchmark for shopping, a fresh, higher bar for dining and entertainment.  We will be there for our clients during the day as well as in the evenings.  If the beaches are number one, then we are proud to be number two.”

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July 23, 2009
Rona Coster