The ones who opposed Monday’s vote

Four members of parliament opposed Monday’s vote, regarding the update of our civil code, because of that small clause, you know, regarding Civil Unions. Their flimflam, gobbledygook reasons are not worth repeating.

They are:

#12 on the AVP list Marlon Sneek, 352 votes in 2017.

#7 on the AVP list Roberto Candelario, 344 votes in 2017.

#7 on the MEP list Hendrik Teverden, 792 votes in 2017.

And #17 on the MEP list Darlaine Erasmus, 525 votes in 2017.

In Tempran, a new digital publication – by subscription, recommended, they spice things up for readers by playing videos embedded in the digital newspaper file. Thus I had the dubious honor of listening to the later, Darlaine Erasmus, occupying the parliamentary podium.

It was my first, and I can assure you my last, encounter with this poor representative of the island and its people.

She made the false claim that gay couples would burden AZV with extra medical expenses, and she didn’t want to bear the weight.

It is exactly how I feel about her verbiage; I regret having to bear the weight of her empty words.

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March 03, 2021
Rona Coster