The new and improved Chill

Chill Beer participated in Carnival this year. You may view their video on their FB page, @ChillBeer, it rolled over 23K times and was shared 130 times which mean viral in island terms.

The parade promotion included a handful of goddesses in frilly gold skin suits and another handful of goddesses in skintight silver suits. The mega dose of female beauty was escorted by muscular Chill beer warrior with the shimmering logo on a spear. The logo was everywhere in sunshine yellow, and UN blue, it looked the same but felt very different.

People along the parade route cheered and welcomed the fun brewery-sponsored entourage, but it took me a while to understand that our beach elixir has just rebranded itself and used the Carnival platform to put the restyled Chill in every hand. The attractive, value for money promotion, helped of course.

So, what’s the difference? The taste says the brewery is exactly the same, but the brand became brighter. The logo now includes a distinct sun surrounded by rays of sunlight, where before we were never sure. Was it a wave or a sun? Could have been both. The cursive lettering is now more playful and distinct, the blue-hued bottle was replaced by clear glass and best of all the label is transparent and the message on the back of the bottle minimized, but still carries the Keep Aruba Clean message.

Just put an old and a new Chill next to each other and you will be astounded how different they look. It’s imperceptible apart, but very obvious in comparison.

Yadira Harms at the helm in the marketing department reports she presented a Scottish design firm with the challenge – she found them on the internet, they specialize in beer branding. She asked them to make significant changes without making any changes at all.

Personally, I think it’s a success, and the sunny bottle with the clear label now jumps off the shelf more easily, landing into my supermarket shopping cart even before I invite it in.

I also found out that our tourists faithfully drink Chill, while the local crowd sticks to Balashi. Or maybe it’s the other way around, both brands are popular in the market and the two half-sisters recently launched, Hopi Bon, Hopi Stout, are gaining popularity.

We visited the Beer Garden last week and had lunch, in the shade of the tree. They have an excellent, hearty local kitchen there, preparing hot lunches every day, but if you opt for chicken wings with your beer, go right ahead, they serve these too.

Yadira reveals there are some small batch, limited release, specialty beers on the drawing board. From her point of view, they are all small batch brews, Aruban-bred with world famous water and boutique attention to detail.

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March 20, 2018
Rona Coster