The Morning after the Rain

The weather in retrospect

Yesterday, hours into the deluge, our Departamento Metreologico woke up and informed us we have a ‘disturbance’ coming. The 24ora news item showed David Barkmeyer, of the useless department pointing at the map on his office computer.

In a nutshell: Weather is a science, and you should have warned us much EARLIER, I would have closed the window in the guest bedroom, and bought a new squidgy.

Why can’t we have weather forecast information delivered to us in a timely manner instead of AFTER the fact??

This was a serious downpour, and 24ora notes that by 1:00pm, Westpunt got 1.3mm, Sta. Rosa 12.2mm and the airport 19.8m.

Lifting a comatose elephant

MinFec called for an IMPULSO. What she meant, I think, is a kick start, a push, a stimulus, with a certain department by the name of DEZHI, executing the Maneho Economico Fuerte y Resiliente 2019-2022, with all due respect the LACK of strong and resilient economic management.

The said DEZHI, Departamento di Asuntonan Economico, Comercio y Industria, entrusted with economic affairs, commerce, AND industry, occupies offices, has coffee machines and rented photocopiers.

It is said to foster a relationship with IDEA, Iniciativa pa Desaroyo pa Empresa Arubano, a branch tasked with Initiative Developments, in areas of agriculture, circular economy, creative industry and knowledge economy.

As you can see, if is all laid out fabulously, the bureaucracy is well thought out.


As long as you do not simplify the process of starting a business nothing is happening, and you can talk all you want, you cannot lift a comatose elephant, got to resuscitate it first.

As an entrepreneur, we run from one GOA office to the next, a via dolorosa of wasted time and efforts.

As long as the process is not streamlined, it’s all an illusion.

Even your touted Cannabis.

Corresponding banks in the USA will not accept banking in the Caribbean with the federally illegal Cannabis funds. Aruba will be at high risk of getting itself on the money laundering, drug trafficking watch list, and the Central Bank is not having it.

Before you start talking about Cannabis and the new economy, we need a careful due diligence whether this is possible at all. Before bringing consultants from Europe and paying adviser fees, check HOW we can open a bank account here, and if at all.

In general, the choking noose of bureaucracy, makes sure Aruba remains poor forever.     

May I remind you MinFec that with Aruba’s economy rolling at top speed, full blast, we WEREN’T ABLE to cover all our obligations, because of high interest payments, and now that you pledged ALL our future earnings to foreign banks and local bonds, you just cemented our status as broke, with only a tiny bit for education, bare minimum for health, hardly nothing for social services.

I need a super-size box of Kleenex.   

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October 21, 2020
Rona Coster