The Malmok Walkway, quo vadis, where are you going with that?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I wish ‘they’ would tell us what their plans are for the Malmok walkway.

To date, about one kilometer has been semi-finished. One kilometer, in one year.

They poured the concrete in segments, and when done, dug it up to run electric cables and drain ditches. I guess planners forgot about rainfall and illumination.

Why should I complain?

They forgot the operating rooms in the hospital, so a few electric cables and some drain ditches may be considered a mere oversight.

Then they erected black protective columns, made of durable resin with reflective stripes in one portion of the walkway. Having finished planting the poles, they started ripping them out.

For a while, they were working on an attached low, dividing border-wall, but seem to have ditched that idea in favor of sand-stone encrusted pedestals, with colorful bird mosaics, crowned by the individual birds’ names in English.

As if the gorgeous Malmok scenery required beautification.

Color bird mosaics?

Who came up with that?

Just an unnecessary expense.

As an afterthought they installed some traffic signs, no biking, and a bus stop sign, laid the infrastructure for illuminations.

Anyway. Can we please hear your COMPLETE plans for the rest of the project?

It is a fact, that more people run & jog the walkway, and more visitors make use of the parking areas, but until finished the nonconformist among visitors will still try to get in and park as close to the water as possible.

Please share your plans.

The walkway has now reached the home of the MinInfra.

Where will it go from there?

Is there the final design?

What type of lights are you installing?

Please let us know, no more surprises.

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February 27, 2020
Rona Coster