The latest scandal, or the latest highway robbery

One of my friends just told me he was charge Awg 525 for parking at the airport, for a week. Really? Yes, they are now charging Awg 75 per day. He was shaking with upset and rage. Did they tell anyone? No. Is there signage? Of course not.

We used to leave our cars at the airport long term. Then press the lost card button. Get a ticket, pay Awg 75 and finita la comedia. Now the airport authority says: “We been working on eliminating the loopholes in the parking charges, such as ‘lost tickets’ and validations at the food units to cover long term parking, as well as trying to promote monthly parking passes. It’s clear we still need to make some adjustments in the parking rates to get it right. Our parking revenue significantly underperforms, so we are working on finding the right mix.”

Luckily, you heard about that latest highway robbery, on time, BEFORE you were going to leave your car at the airport as you travel on your holiday ski vacay, my advice? Take a taxi instead!


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December 15, 2016
Rona Coster