The Jack Sparrow character is in Jail

Many visitors were outraged at a beach bum stuffing puppies in the trunk of his car, caught on video by a timeshare member filming the disgrace from a distance, on December 14th, 2019. At the time we were all frustrated. The guy has been walking the beaches with a gaggle of unleashed dogs of all ages, reportedly selling both dogs and drugs to visitors, apparently Teflon-coated and untouchable.

As a result of the outrage local dog owners were forbidden to walk their leashed dogs on the beach, which we deemed unfair because it was a collective punishment and did not penalize the chief offender.

Good news

The Police raided a home at the heart of town — the place looks like a junkyard with a jumble of boats and cars in various stages of disrepair — and arrested Richard Rasmijn, Casmar Rasmijn and a young woman, Niurca Ramirez. The Police entered the home in the early morning hours, and was rewarded with a stash of money, drugs and arms, and also confiscated a number of cars and other items, following a lengthy investigation. The suspects will be held for two days, then appear in court for further legal procedures.

Justice is perhaps slow in Aruba, but it is decisive.

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May 28, 2020
Rona Coster