The IFA 80s party rocks Aruba

IFA goes back to 80s

IFA goes back to 80s

Submitted by Mashelle Zeolla.   

The International Friends of Aruba welcomed Prince, Madonna and Slash who joined Spicoli, the Preppies, Smurfette and Punkers a plenty as IFA stepped back in time to relive the 80’s. From leggings to anklets, the entire decade was represented with big hair, big makeup and big tunes. DJ Wade “Slash” Barefield took the nostalgic group on a trip down memory lane, with sweethearts swaying and canoodling to their high school/college favorites. Scott “Mullet” and Ann “Madonna” Derrickson hosted the bash and took IFA partying to a whole new level with décor to rival any of the hottest dance clubs from the 80’s.  This is one celebration that will not soon be forgotten. Totally awesome dude!!

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October 02, 2008
Rona Coster