The Helping Hands Project At La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

Regretfully, at the onset of the Covid9 crisis on Aruba many of the island’s contractors were put on hiatus, they were working at the resort full time, employed by a third-party specialist in the areas of security, maintenance or housekeeping, and as work came to a standstill were furloughed, as a temporary measure, until work picks up again.

 Without an income, they struggled like many other island residents, to feed their families and remain optimistic.

 Helping Hands, a regular feature on La Cabana Beach Resort’s volunteer social activities, organized by the Department of Human Resources,  showed its loving family dynamics to colleagues in need and shared special moments with those who were apart, yet always remain in their colleagues’ hearts.

 The La Cabana team, was successful in making an impact on the lives of their contractor colleagues and their families. They arranged for deliveries, by pickup truck, and provided each contractor associate with a special care package put together by those still working.

 The entire La Cabana Team of Associates contributed from their own salaries, then teamed up with Fruteria Virgilio who made a cash contribution and Compra, where they were granted a discount on many food items to create personalized care packages for all contractor colleagues on leave.

 The contractor associates are just as much a part of the La Cabana Family as all other associates, says General Manager Joe Najjar, and Helping Hands, wanted to do something genuinely special for them.

 For the moment, they may be away, but we haven’t forgotten them, he adds. A special thank you to all associates for caring and sharing during these difficult times that affect the entire island.



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August 04, 2020
Rona Coster