The Gift of Sports and the Gift of Education

Paseo Herencia held a press conference last week, introducing preteen athlete Jeon Fernandes to the local press as a promising, rising star.

Jeon who just finished elementary school is heading to Colegio Arubano for middle school and while keeping up with his studies he trains seven days a week, swimming, running, biking, with the goal of competing again in the regional Carifta Games.

In November 2022, Jeon participated for the first time in the 4th annual event, the Carifta Triathlon & Aquathon and Mixed Raley Championships held in Bermuda and landed a bronze medal, coming in third, in his age division, male 11 – 12. Aruba landed seven medals in that meet, and the young athletes are training harder than ever in order to travel to the next upcoming rounds.

Paseo Herencia will help nurture Jeon’s talent with a scholarship earmarked for international competition, and hopefully as he does well, his picture will go up on the mall’s Wall of Rising Stars, showcasing top local athletes.

Jeon’s dad Albee Fernandes, a former baseball player was an athlete in his youth and encourages Jeon to dedicate time to sports. Dad is a high-school teacher, and does his best to support his son, and develop his diverse gifts.

While I was impressed with the kid, who is very eloquent and animated, the father deserves my true admiration, driving Jeon to the Savaneta pool, almost daily for practice, and making sure his athletic, scholastic and emotional needs are met, following him closely through school and home-life.

Mom, Roxenne must also be pitching in, selflessly.

The success of our kids is always tied to our investment in them, so kudos to the Fernandes family, and to Jeon, for competing on the global stage and making his island proud.

Paseo Herencia is also launching the Gift of Education program, designed to provide financial assistance to talented students, helping them with school expenses. By easing the financial burden, Paseo Herencia hopes the kids would be able to focus more on their studies and unlock their full potential.

According to mall management, also on the back-burner, the Gift Of Health. Paseo Herencia is figuring out how to make an impact on the island in the health arena, facilitating a better quality of life and longevity, for the elderly.

To apply for the Gift of Sports and the Gift of Education: Applicants or parental guardians must submit a motivational letter outlining academic ambitions, and aspirations, and why they should be chosen for the Gift Of Education program. A copy of the latest report card, must be attached to the application, which can be downloaded from:

Thank you TGI Friday for hosting the friendly event, on World International Beer Day. Thank you Valerie Pietersz Camacho, Zaira Orman Maya and Chela de Lannoy for coming up with supportive, creative community projects.

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August 08, 2023
Rona Coster