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Bati Bleki, says a well-informed source, I do not 100% agree with your piece about AZV.

Both the MinHealth and AZV know exactly what measures they intend to take. They sent the blueprint of their plan to the overwhelmed legal-department so it can eventually be voted into law in parliament.

But instead of making it public, the MinHealth keeps it all a secret.

You pleaded with him to come out and tell the public the truth. Be transparent, you said.

But he opted to instruct AZV to stay mum.

And AZV indeed held Zoom meetings, and shared plans with stakeholders but did not do anything with the feedback.

They march to their own band, at AZV: Input is appreciated, but nothing is done with it.

My question: How can you tell the house-doctors that they must hand 5.5% over retroactively since January?? Why? They have their overhead too. It’s not a huge salary when you deduct their costs.

But the politicians and AZV are scaredy-cats. Afraid to lose votes, they sock it to the doctors, instead of the patients.

I am happy the young GPs are standing up for their rights, let the oldies tow the line, but the next generation of GPs must stand their ground!

What MinHealth should do is implement a fee to see the house-doctor.

That is the ultimate solution, collect a self-participation, eigenbijdrage, at the doctor’s clinic, that would also cover the lousy ONE florin they want to charge for lab services and the five florins they plan to collect for meds.

ONE ADMINISTRATION. The doctor’s clinic.

(It would cost Awg 5 to account for the 1 florin eigenbijdrage, collected at the lab, or the Awg 5 collected for each medication, then you have to issue a receipt in triplicate, crazy bureaucracy.)

But GOA never opts for the common sense solution.

They do not want to use the clinics to collect eigenbijdrage, they must love the triple administration idea!

If you want to put the brakes on, you levy an eigenbijdrage at the GPs’ and the emergency room, Awg 10 here, and 20 times as much at the hospital, to prevent people from going to sit there all day, for no good reason!

Finally, the Dutch. Aruba’s healthcare is in better shape than Curacao and costs less, yet only Aruba was handed down the decree to save 60M from a budget of 400M.

It is impossible to do that fast, it would take time and patience.

Part of the proposed changes, if you are really sick, the specialists no longer get Awg 50 to see a patient, but Awg 40, the other Awg 10 will be collected at the clinic in an effort to stop people from abusing the system.

I bet AZV gave the MinHealth good advice, but that will cost votes, he figures, so he is reluctant to talk about it.

Last but not least, don’t let anyone test here.

Visitors do not respect the 24-hour quarantine.

Aruba had a guest recently, patient #14, stroll around his hotel, go for dinner, book a tour, with over 50 contact traces.

We will ruin things for the tourism if we let them test here!!


Yours truly, a humble Huisart

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July 25, 2020
Rona Coster