The Fifth Wave

We’ve all seen the long lines to get into a Weststraat nightclub, and into a street-side Palm Beach coffee place, and we all scratch our heads and ask, why is this allowed to go on, with the number of active cases rising?

It also makes no sense to restrict the resorts from hosting large open air functions when the rest of the island goes on to host large indoors events undisturbed, and it’s good to mention here that a certain wedding was allowed to unfold with a comprehensive list of invitees, conveniently without a hitch, the night before the ban on parties of that kind went into effect.

On the 24th, a major supermarket had at least 1,000 shoppers between its 4 walls.

The resorts will never break even on a New Year’s Eve party with great food, sound, lights, live music, with just a limited number of guest in attendance. It’s financial suicide, while they are the ones who have been observing strict protocols, all along.

This restriction, chases guests into the street, with zero social distancing.

The other thing that makes no sense is the testing policy, where locals are all directed to HOH, and have to stand in line and wait patiently for their time slot, when there are commercial labs under every tree in Aruba, capable to performing the service with at least the same accuracy as the hospital lab.

I recently noticed at the Botica, at the checkout counter, the Antigen Rapid Test kits available.

Finally. A 5pcs kit for about Awg 60, unavailable individually.

But the boticas are no allowed to advertise the availability of these convenient self-testing kits, because advertising ‘medications’ is prohibited.

Thus no one knows. And we have to live with the HOH strategy, though terribly inconvenient.

Listen up:  If you don’t feel well, get a kit at the botica. Then if you get a positive result, do a PCR test, to be sure. If you can afford it no prob. You just have to pay for it at your commercial lab of choice. If not, then you have to sign up, on the Health App, wait your turn, go at the designated hour, not before, not after, just go thru the bureaucracy.

According to me, if you feel sick you should be able to walk in and get tested, this HOH-AZV protocol is too complicated, and will never help us get over the fifth wave. Money talks, the rest of us turkeys have to wait their turn, that so unfair and despotic, in total disregard of people.

I noticed among my friends, a wave of common colds, with runny noses and conjected heads, I asked a medical professional and he confirmed, there are a number of viral infections in circulation, more than ever, affecting all systems, washing our hands is more important than ever.

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December 27, 2021
Rona Coster