“The donkey works so the horse can eat,” Criollo wisdom by Serlimar striker.

The folks at Serlimar are on strike, since Monday morning. They won’t be picking garbage up, the trucks never left the lot.

Their complaints vary, no uniforms, since 2018, no gloves, no safety shoes, unresponsive management. Basically they are worried about their health, income, safety and future. Trucks are stuck with zero spare parts, no oil in stock for oil changes – to the extent that they have to syphon oil from truck A to revive truck B. Clients who fail to pay Serlimar fees and lose their bin, still place their trash out in plastic bags, giving the Serlimar crews, who have the obligation to collect, more cleanup work. They also complain about phantom employees making exorbitant salaries.

Whatever the complaints, I felt for them.

They are not treated well, looked down at, neglected.

I personally like my Serlimar rasta crew, always on time, always cheerful. True, they are working for a failed company but it is not their fault.

Honestly, we can do without parliamentarians, but without trash collectors and sanitation workers?? No por.

And it is ironic that the only government entity in charge of waste elimination is revolting!

And typically, we never realize their value, until they go on strike.

Minister Ursell Arends came out to listen to the men.

That was his baptism in fire.

If not supported by GOA, there is little he can do.

The Criollo wisdom: “The donkey works so the horse can eat,” described the Serlimar situation well since their 12.5% salary deduction goes toward the repayments of debts, they did not make, not towards FASE.

These people deserve respect and TLC, but that is not what GOA does.

As a result: We’re up to our gills in Waste.


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October 26, 2021
Rona Coster