The disinformation virus

In addition to Corona Virus, we also suffer from the Disinformation Virus!

I did not say misinformation, I said disinformation.

In the case of misinformation, it means people can be wrong, they make mistakes, nothing intentional, but with disinformation it’s a different cattle of fish. It is intentional.

It means circulating half-truths, because those keep the public enraged and engaged.

Enraged and engaged is what matters to social platforms where most of us get our information from.

After all, it is cooler, to be a rebel, a nonconformist, a nay sayer, instead of a sheep, a conformist, a yay sayer.

What am I talking about?

How is it possible that we get the Pfizer vaccines, 93% -95% effective, offered at no charge from the Netherlands, all we have to do is sign up, no waiting in line, no begging, no bribes, and just 7K of the 13K 60+ have registered for the vaccine on the island.

And that according to MINTVS is progress because originally, only about 4,000 signed up,

Disappointingly a few of my friends and acquaintances, intelligent people, repeat stuff their read on the net instead of following science.

There are a lot of half-baked theories floating out there, the origin of the virus, its mortality rate, is it deadly or a case of mass hysteria, compounded by the issue of so-called state control vs the rights of the individual to run his/her life as they see it.

All that confusion contributed to the beginning of a local anti-vac sentiment.

And that is a problem.

We are all trying to protect the elderly and vulnerable demographics but the disinformation, fake news, myths and old-wives-tales are disrupting the consensus and must now be acknowledged as wrong and exposed as untruths.

Fact, the general public knows more about lotto’s new game than about the vaccine.

It’s because we hear about Lotto, but the vaccine campaign has just begun, and is slow to take off.

“Ban sigui recomenda Y stimula nos grandinana pa registra y tuma e vacuna,” says #MINTVS

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February 24, 2021
Rona Coster