The Department of the Year celebrations at Caribbean Palm Beach Resort

The Housekeeping Department at Caribbean Palm Beach Resort earned the title Department of the Year and accepted the honor at a special award ceremony at the resort’s Kiana restaurant. The department had maintained the highest standards throughout the year, and provided top notch customer service to owners and guests.  

The award also signifies meeting departmental goals as approved by the Board of Directors, and also attaining top ratings gleaned from the Customer Service Satisfaction Survey, CSSS Excellence 2018, which is administered at the resort, weekly.

President of the Board Ed Hayes praised the department for its efforts and expressed his heartfelt appreciation to leader Cristina Galindo, the Executive Housekeeper, for her support and dedication.

The occasion also celebrated the achievements of Elsa Croes, who is completing 30th years of service at the resort as a Housekeeping Supervisor, a role model of loyalty and competence to all employees.

The celebration was attended by board member at large Riesen, and Astrid Muller, resort Interim General Manager.

The award is a rotating one, and will be handed out next year to the winning team, based on the findings of the resort’s Customer Service Satisfaction Survey, which is filled out by members and reflects their opinions and thoughts.

The Housekeeping Department already shared the honor of the title, Department of the Year, once, but in 2018, the department managed to win it all on its own.


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March 17, 2019
Rona Coster