The countdown to the Aruba International Regatta, August 26th & 27th, 2023, is on

The upcoming Aruba International Regatta, will unfold in several locations on the island of Aruba August 26th &27th, 2023.

Sailors and guests from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are invited, the Blue Highway is open and available, not just for business, but mostly for play.

The regatta aspires to bring us out to the beaches, to enjoy a free, physical and fun activity, powered by wind.

The Aruba Regatta Foundation reports that the races are just an excuse to get us out of our homes and offices into flipflops and bathing suits. The races are planned in different categories, and locations during two exciting days.

Exact race locations will be advised.

The Regatta welcomes regional sailors of all age. You may view the photos from last year’s successful meet, on FB, @arubaregatta.

Expected to participate: Mini sailboats, Beachcats, Optimists, Kites, IQ-Foils, Windsurfers, Sunfishes, Lasers and Yachts, all racing right in front of the Oranjestad waterfront in what promises to be a beautiful spectacle.

This year’s strategic organization will be handled by two veteran members of Aruba’s sailing community, Rik van der Vaart, Anthony Hagedoorn, and a great number of volunteers.

Rik and Anthony see the Regatta as an opportunity to wake up the island to the importance of our harmonious sustainable co-existence with the ocean around us. The regatta’s mission is to educate all participants about the importance of preservation and protection in view of the upcoming Aruba Marine Park.

The goal is to attract as many young sailors as possible to the Regatta, instilling love for sailing in the young generation and connecting Aruban and visitors to Nature, in order to grow awareness and encourage care, to safeguard our single most important resource, on which we depend for our livelihood.


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April 07, 2023
Rona Coster