The cold shoulder treatment

I have stayed away from the subject of the MinPres for a while, but must revisit him today to again express my disappointment with his juvenile conduct.

As you remember from previous articles, the process of nominating Aruba’s new Governor was painful.

The MinPres had a preferred candidate in mind, but the Dutch Crown decided independently to pick another; after all, he will be working here on their behalf, representing the king, the highest position in the land.

In accordance to the royal decree, our new Governor, Alfonso Boekhoudt, assumed the office responsibilities on January 1st, 2017, and presented himself to Parliament, this week.

Surprise. He was received with a cold shoulder. Just three of Aruba’s nine ministers were on hand – MinPres, MinTour, MinLabour; there were no niceties exchanged, no warm congratulations, no photo opportunities with our ruling AVP party. (The opposition party behaved well, in full support of the new official.)

And while the Governor called for union and reconciliation in his address in Parliament, his plea was ignore by our ruling party, and the entire Government stayed away from THE social event of the year, the Governor’s annual ball, this past weekend. Not a single minister showed up to what may be considered the Dutch King’s party.

What kind of message were they sending? What do they have to gain from such rude behavior?

I can only join my friends and say it’s shameless and shameful. Our new Governor is a family man, a church-goer, a father of nine, an educated individual who brings immense, positive, added-value to his job, and I understand that he is liked in government circles, but the fact that he accepted the King’s job offer without asking for permission, cost him dearly; he was shunned by the Government, AND the press office. The media apparently received instructions from the MinPres, to keep press coverage to a minimum.

Now what kind of behavior are you modeling to your people? That of a sore loser.

So you lost your candidate, which would have also been great, I agree, but the King of The Netherlands decided differently. So you’re having a public pissing contest with King Willem Alexander at the cost of dividing this country?

Now what kind of behavior are you modeling to you people? As I said, that of a sore loser.

You should be protecting our sacred democratic institutions instead of flushing them down the toilet in the name of false pride.

I now recall I saw you speaking at the opening of Zara, at the opening of Pandora Boutique, and the Adidas store, you never miss a PR Opportunity. So, what happened here?

I also did not see you at the re-opening of the historic Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. Why? Because you had to share the stage with other dignitaries, no single billing offered?!

And while we’re talking about your considerable shortcomings allow me to tell you that while we appreciate that you finally acknowledged your Jewish roots by lighting the menorah at the Hyatt Regency on December 28th during a ‘holiday concert, with an audience of 1,500 residents and tourists,’ (that writer must have an oriental imagination) we would have appreciated it more, if you did the same exact thing in the local synagogue, with the members of the local Jewish community, instead of on stage against the backdrop of a promotional bank banner, with an eclectic tourist audience. Your late mom and late aunt would have been proud if you visited ‘their’ synagogue, for the holidays.


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January 09, 2017
Rona Coster