The Big Switch

Caribbean Mercantile Bank is switching its business clients to two separate platform, Business Direct and Corporate Business, perhaps based on the size of the company, and I strongly suggest that you don’t attempt to switch yourself from this to that, on the phone or on line, on your own.
Your self-esteem will land in the gutter if you try to migrate to the new Online Banking application, that involves a new user name, a new password, and an e-Code.

I am told that our banking will be safer, easier and friendlier from now on, though I must admit, I never had any issues getting along with CMB online.

Back to the Switch. Instead of torturing yourself, Diza Arends suggested, go to the Noord bank branch. There I hooked up with Odwin. He made the process as easy as pie.

And fun, he has that kind of personality.

Odwin obviously loves what he does for  living, at the bank branch in Santa Cruz, but he also helps out in Noord, six Saturdays in a row, because on July 31st, the same old user name and password will not get you far.

Beware, you must comply with the bank’s instructions, and switch, otherwise you’re shut out of your accounts.

The activation of my CMB business account on the new platform involved answering some security questions, what is the middle name of my eldest sister? I did not know. I vaguely remember something, but I must call her to verify. What is the middle name of my youngest son? I was unsure, since I only have one son, and he is both the eldest and the youngest. The name of my first stuffed animal?? My first kiss? Name the man or the woman, who kissed me first.


(I liked the gender alternative touch!)


We finally settled on a dog question, which I was able to answer, with ease.

It took perhaps 20 minutes, I as offered water, sandwiches, Danish pastry, coffee, tea. It was a deluxe banking experience.
Do yourself a favor and visit the bank. Ask for Odwin by name.

Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. till 1pm, including Saturday 22nd and 29th from 9am to 1pm, for the Big Switch.

On my way out the door I stopped for a chat with some banking officials.

Banking has changed, and CMB is proud to report that 90% of its clientele is on line.

Why doesn’t Setar, WEB, ELMAR report the same rate of on line users, I asked.

Probably because of the social aspect, was the answer, where the ageing population treats a visit to the MFA or the offices of the utility companies as a social outing, a place to have coffee and chat.

I followed up on a tip given to me by Armin Solognier. Yes, it is true, Jumbo, the Dutch chain, opened chat checkouts, where the elderly may go and schmooz with the cashiers to combat loneliness, as the young ones in a rush,  zip through the express lines.


About 200 Jumbo supermarkets are opening cashier lines where clients can stop for a chat instead of paying and rushing out, ASAP. A Kletskassa, or chat checkout, serves the community in areas where loneliness is an issue, and the elderly who live alone have no one to talk to.

I agreed with Armin. If you go to the supermarket, you can meet the world, but somehow Elmar, WEB and Setar do not encourage that kind of interaction, I find, they want you to sit as quiet as a mouse. Do they still ban the use of cell  phones?

Caribbean Mercantile Bank
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July 17, 2023
Rona Coster