The Associate Development Program at the Westin introduces first graduates


The Westin Resort, Aruba believes that in these economical challenging times, the best investment is the investment in Human Resources.

The Westin Resort, Aruba provides its associates with the opportunity to participate in an Associate Development Program, ADP.  This program is aimed to assist hourly and supervisory associates in developing their operational knowledge and management skills through training, project assignment, leadership exposure, online mentoring, training, and other activities. Associates have the opportunity to choose a position and for a period of six months they receive weekly training in their selected department. The program started on June, 2008, the following six associates finalized the program successfully:

Rosa Provence trained as Public Area Supervisor – Mentored by Vanessa Rasmussen,

Julio Restrepo trained as Pastry Chef – Mentored by Oswaldo Molina,

Anousca Roos trained as Food and Beverage supervisor – Mentored by Bas Olde Riekerink,

Aura Werleman trained as Accounting Coordinator – Mentored by Lidia Croes,

Carmela Carlet trained as Accounting Manager – Mentored by Paulien Provence,

Barbara Bird trained as Human Resources Manager – Mentored by Ruthline Tromp.

The graduation celebration took place on May 15, 2009 in the Buena Vista Room where the General Manager, Richard Roy, expressed his satisfaction with the results and handed out the diplomas to the ADP graduates. The Westin Resort, Aruba would like to congratulate these associates on their accomplishments and knows they will be successful in furthering their careers. The new group of ADP participants will start on July 01, 2009; the selected associates will be able to broaden their leadership skills and operational knowledge in order to evolve and grow within the hospitality industry.

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June 03, 2009
Rona Coster