The Aruba Excellence Foundation reports: Caribbean Palm Village Resort is fully Zjeito certified

At a recent get together at the resort in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and the officials of the Aruba Excellence Foundation, employees were recognized as true Aruban ambassadors, having graduated Mi Compromiso, the Aruba certification program, and having reached exceptional knowledge of the island, paired with a commitment to provide best service to visitors, with Zjeito.

Mi Compromiso cu Aruba, meaning my commitment to Aruba, is a government sponsored educational program targeting all persons working in tourism.

The program enhances students’ knowledge of the island’s tourist product, with a focus on excellence in service, and the sustainability of the island’s environment.

Designed by the Ministry of Tourism, it is an investment in people, improving the level of professionalism and upgrading the knowledge of the island.

Caribbean Palm Village Resort hosted a number of rounds of the certification program, scheduling all employees. Together they explored the most important chapters of Aruba’s history and tourism history.

They also reviewed natural resources, culture, attractions, service standards, and awareness of their own personal development, besides the official program curriculum which included Tourism, Sustainability, History of Aruba, Excellent Service, Excellent Communication and Winning Attitude.

Most importantly, the program revived an old Papiamento concept Zjeito, the secret of Aruba’s cordiality and friendliness. Together, the forum explored the deep meaning of the local Zjeito, and its manifestation in the island’s way of life and how it is transmitted to visitors.  

Pictured here, the happy graduates.

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June 30, 2019
Rona Coster