The annual 3-day Aruba’s Flag & Anthem Day celebration, at La Cabana


Flag & Anthem Day on March 18 is Aruba’s cherished national day, commemorating the first formal proposal for Aruba’s separation from the Netherlands Antilles, in 1948.

Twenty-eight years went by after that initial proposal, when in 1976, political leader Betico Croes declared the first Flag & Anthem Day, a patriotic holiday, designed to celebrate with local food, cultural, folkloric performances, a scout parade, a classic-car parade, sporting events, and other special activities at museums and around the various neighborhoods.

Aruba’s much-awaited Status Aparte, was finally granted in 1986, declaring the island an independent entity within the Dutch kingdom.

At La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino the traditional 3-day celebration took place the week prior. Starting with an engaging presentation by Royal Aruba Aloe, where associates learned about the history of Aloe cultivation on the island and the medicinal uses and benefits of the plant. Associates experiences a number of firsthand activities such as aloe harvesting, and extracting the gel, in an interactive presentation. A big thank you to Royal Aruba Aloe for this educational start to the national celebration!

On day two of the celebration, Santa Rosa, the island’s Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery asked Randy Maduro and Ludwig Rasmijn to deliver a presentation focused on the island’s Medicinal Plants. The two lecturers captivated their audience with their informative presentation, they offered insights into traditional healing practices and the natural wonders of the island’s flora. Associates left inspired by Aruba’s botanical heritage. Thank you, Santa Rosa for the invaluable information.

On day three, in honor of Aruba’s National Flag & Anthem Day, the resort repeated the annual tradition of hoisting the flag, a solemn ceremony, at the start of the workday. La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino associates came together in unity and pride, mingling and mixing with equally proud guests. As the flag was raised high, Maruschka Violenus sang the national anthem, Aruba Dushi Tera, with great warmth and intention.

The celebration continued throughout the day at the Chit Chat Cafe, where associates were entertained with cultural dances by the Gucci Dancers. Authentic Aruban cuisine was served to the sounds of local musician Robert Thiel. It was a day filled with joy, celebration, and a deep appreciation for Aruba’s unique culture.

A heartfelt thank you to our Social Committee for the beautifully organized three-day celebration! And a special shout-out to our Culinary Team for delicious crafting of specialties adding flavor to the festivities!


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March 14, 2024
Rona Coster