The 1st Quarter Associate General Meeting, at la Cabana Beach Resort & Casino: A Celebration to Remember


La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino recently hosted its first-quarter associate general meeting, and it was a fantastic celebration from start to finish. The event kicked off in the conference room, where General Manager Joe Najjar shared exciting updates about the future of the resort. From plans for resort expansion to luxurious oceanfront suites, there is much to look forward to. Najjar expressed heartfelt gratitude to all associates for their invaluable contributions to the exceptionally successful 1st quarter of 2024, urging everyone to continue their exemplary work.

During the meeting, HR Director Tessely Koolman recognized Gregorio Milton for his AHATA Excellence Award Nomination. She also announced some exciting news from the Green & Health Committee, including plans for Health Week activities and more flexible grooming guidelines. The announcement that La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino will now follow the example of many leading hospitality brands and embrace tattoos, longer hair, and colored hair was met with enthusiastic approval, further highlighting the resort’s commitment to inclusivity and individuality.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the introduction of our HR rebranding initiative, “We Celebrate YOU!” The HR team passionately presented the essence of this HR Rebranding and slogan, emphasizing how it resonates with La Cabana’s culture. Strategies to amplify the HR branding and reach a wider audience were unveiled, igniting excitement and anticipation among attendees.

After the presentations, everyone moved to the ballroom for a fun-filled celebration. There were welcome drinks, snacks, and plenty of entertainment. A catchy jingle for our HR branding was performed by the resort’s very own associate Gareth Rosa who passionately composed and the jingle for her peers, accompanied by a dynamic video showcasing La Cabana’s vibrant culture & happy associates dancing and having fun to the jingle. Meeting attendees enjoyed interactive experiences such as the 360 photobooth and personalized voice messages while DJ/MC Tyson kept the energy high.

As the event ended, there was a sense of gratitude and unity among all attendees. La Cabana’s first-quarter associate general meeting was not just about business; it was a chance to come together, celebrate successes, and look forward to an exciting future ahead.

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May 07, 2024
Rona Coster