That market is cornered

A few days ago I reported major disappointment from independent member of parliament Rycond Santos de Nascimento, who published a blurb in the media that bordered on hate-speech crucifying GOA for allegedly promoting an LGBTQIA+ agenda.

I said in that column that it seems he will probably announce the founding of his own party, soon, sitting on a religious platform.

I wasn’t wrong, because the following day, Eric Ras, a marginal politician, the founder of CURPA, 312 votes in the 2021 election, the island’s purely Christian party, virtually told de Nascimento to piss off because that demographic is taken, Curpa has cornered that pious market, already.

The message was contained in not just one but two press releases, one titled CURPA the only party that guarantees leadership according to God’s laws, and the other CURPA the only pro-family party, created by God.

It is difficult to read Ras’ ruminations, about removing sexual organs from kids, and opening the door to legalizing pedophilia. Is he writing with the intent to confuse and misinform, or just to scare us to death?

But it is clear that he is talking to his voters, reminding them, he was there first, and if we listen to god’s guidance, all of our financial issues will be solved including the 6 billion florin in national debt. God, will heal us, he says, CURPA is the only alternative.

In a democracy, we all have the right to our backward opinions, as long as we don’t impose our will and wishes on others.


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September 18, 2023
Rona Coster