Thank you candidates

Glenn as chair, and Lejuez Francis Carlton, as secretary and treasurer.

One of my readers suggested I also welcome Partido HTC to the arena. I left them out of my Saturday column.

I said I did not want to discourage them, by saying something unkind, I didn’t want to state they are naïve, not knowing their backside from their elbows, because they made a move and came forward, and we should welcome politically minded locals, and encourage all dialogue.

Atan Lee Jr. put it well on his FB wall: Don’t laugh at HTC he said, they are part of the community, and you would be laughing at yourself.

He is right.

They represent the upset, the frustration, that dead-end existence of many.

Partido HTC is presented so far by three young adults, Gilbert Webb, Latoyer Briggs and Michelangelo Celestijn.

Their ‘platform,’ basically a FB post, calls for the eradication of corruption, the creation of more jobs, more innovation, equality, integrity, TRULY placing people first – a dig at an empty MEP slogan.

The trio of wannabe politicians never reveal how, but they sincerely state their goals.

Because that’s what all parties do.

I have never seen a serious platform before, a documents that would outline the actual road map to achievement.

When I look at HTC’s videos I see their desire, but they have no clue how.

I also harbor an uncertainty about leader Gilbert Webb

He was the mastermind behind a boot camp for troubled youths, a few years ago, a good idea, that he set out to implement.

Mothers here gave him their wayward children and he tortured them, prompting mothers to claim their boys back, with all their imperfections.

He flaunted certificates and qualifications, which seemed suspicious, perhaps bogus.

But he is a natural leader, looking for a platform.

I admire Latoyer Briggs, #3, for her defiant spunk, announcing she will replace division with union, be my voice in parliament and treat my future with great care.

#2, Michelangelo Celestijn, is very good looking. He wants reform in education, in our judiciary system, and an improved health care system. He says kids are important.

I believe they speak for a great number of people here, but will they be able to organize their PROTEST and channel it into an ideology, a vision, a program??

The future will tell. But kudos for trying.

Meanwhile Francis Lejuez corrected my error, regarding Pueblo Prome, they are registered at KVK, with Williams, Alfred Glenn as chair, and Lejuez Francis Carlton, as secretary and treasurer.

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April 12, 2021
Rona Coster