Tattoo Party Boat entertains the International Friends of Aruba

Tattoo (7)Another fine event was enjoyed by members of the International Friends of Aruba on Friday, October 23, when the group boarded Tattoo party boat for a night of fun under the stars.

Tattoo was all lit up and festive as guest were shuttled from the Palm Beach pier to the boat anchored just a short distance away.

Music was pumping and the party was on, as the bars poured drinks on all three decks. Having enjoyed a delicious island BBQ dinner the group then split into party-animals and chillaxers, the first kind occupying the dance floor on the main deck, and the later chilling on the upper tier to lounge music with cocktails and cigars.

Non-stop entertainment presented Carnival music, salsa dancers, street dancers, a beer chugging contest, and an amateur striptease, as cool and hip staff members emceed and orchestrated the multiple-choice menu of activities and dances, just before opening the water slides, for some wet and wild interaction with the ocean. IFA members of all ages laughed, danced, talked, listened, cheered, joked, drank, and had buckets of fun.

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October 26, 2009
Rona Coster