Talk by Raymond Maduro on the occasion of the Aruba Beach Club 40th anniversary celebration

Dear Aruba Beach Club Members and Board Members

Dear Aruba Beach Club Employees

Dear Government Dignitaries

It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to address you all because of this 40th anniversary celebration of our “first baby” and timeshare resort nr. 8 in the free world.

It was in the year 1972 that a good friend visited timeshare nr. 7 in Puerto Rico and thought it important to let me know, that this concept called timesharing or interval ownership, in his vision, would eventually revolutionize the hospitality business in the USA and around the world.

In fact, the timeshare industry played a vital role in the stabilization of the hotel industry in Aruba during hard times. When the transient hotel guest stayed away, the timeshare guest returned faithfully to their vacation home in Aruba

We were developers and I got together my team, which was a small team at the time, and we visited this timeshare resort nr. 7 in Puerto Rico. Immediately we came to the conclusion that this concept would fit perfectly in the growing tourist business of Aruba. Why?

It simply made a lot of sense for vacationers, who loved Aruba, to buy a piece of a resort condominium instead of the whole pie. Also the maintenance, all of a sudden, became a fraction of the maintenance of a full time resort condominium.

As with all new concepts, the wise men and women of the time thought it was ridiculous, unrealistic and insane.  Thank God your parents or grandparents in the 70s, who bought a timeshare at the time, had the confidence and wisdom to see that this made a lot of sense. And they purchased … which is why we are here today celebrating this milestone. And Aruba Beach Club became one of the most famous and successful timeshare resorts of its time.

There are many anecdotes I can share with you…one of them is when one of the architects who designed the Aruba Beach Club sent me an additional bill after its completion.  He did so with the question “Raymond, I have to bill you for US$ 25,000 more for the time we spent on this project, and before you tell me you are not going to pay, I need to ask you to survey your customers on how they feel about their resort.” The fact is that everybody was super happy, content, and in awe of this nice, cozy, and friendly Aruba Beach Club project.  In all honesty, I had no recourse then to pay the additional fee to the architect.  The rest is history…

Another anecdote: I met this gentleman from Long Island on a cruise ship in the late 70s and when he heard I was from Aruba he said to me “You know, I was recently in Aruba on vacation with my wife and we purchased this “something” … we did not know if it was condominium, a membership, a hotel room or what the hell it was we purchased.

We just stayed at the Aruba Beach Club for the first time and it was great! Do you know who put this project together?”

Ladies and gentlemen, and friends of the Aruba Beach Club…On behalf of all my associates, I thank you for the honor of allowing me to address you tonight and also the honor of naming a lounge after me.

And in accepting this honor, I need to mention some of the men and women that dedicated a significant part of their lives, energy and creativity to the well-being and happiness of the members, guests and employees of the Aruba Beach Club. They are many…and please excuse me for not mentioning all.

They are:

Frank Conway (RIP) – Management & Sales

Jan van Nes – Management

Humphrey Hardeveld – Management

Jaap Beaujon and his team – First Management Team

Ena Vrolijk, one of our first Front Desk Managers

Frida la Rosa, Laundry manager working here for the past 39 years

Engelberto Ruiz and Rene Nieuwkerk, who were also both instrumental in the management as well as the design and development of our next projects.

Dan Oduber, Tito Muyale (RIP) architects

Errol Every and Chilito de Kort, who built the project

Carla Koolman – Housekeeping Manager

Aruba Beach Club paved the way in the timeshare industry for other projects on the island and the world. Huge projects like Marriott and Wyndham, Disney Vacation Club have gone in this direction with successful results.

In fact, the interval ownership business has grown consistently every year, and as a result, resorts are getting nicer and improving facilities to attract high end customers. Sales volume of timeshare units worldwide has increased by more than 33% since 2011 – an average of 7% annually.

Tonight I am accompanied by two of my children, Kaye, who now has 2 daughters of her own and Rachel, my youngest, who will be going to college next year.

Kaye was a toddler at the time Aruba Beach Club was built and she spent most of her childhood and teenage years enjoying the beautiful premises on a regular basis during the weekend. She still has fond memories of a time when Sundays were for swimming in the pool or hanging out by the pool bar, while dancing to the melodic tunes of the local band. Employees and guests were one big, happy family and the ambiance was unique and special. I understand it still is.

Locals who became members were and still are part of the scene and enjoyment.

Farida – thanks for inviting me tonight to celebrate this incredible milestone!

Enjoy your evening!

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April 26, 2017
Rona Coster