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Curtain Call

I dropped in for coffee at Curtain Call, on Schotlandstraat 66, in front of Romar Trading. My dining room chairs have been talking to me, come on woman, we need new fabric, new stuffing, nuf already, how ‘bout the tiniest refresh?

The surprising store definitely offers visitors a delightful experience, from delicious coffee with cookies, down to the incredible selection of window treatments, fabrics, and beddings.

Against Aruba’s often boring business landscape, this is not your usual store, this is a super cute, creative and colorful boutique designed to serve you, and your window, bed and sofa needs.

You have no use for any of these? Never mind, just drop in for a visit, the bold colors, the whimsical wall paper, the recycled knickknacks and the company of Elsje, Agnes, and Zchajaira, is enough to keep you informed and entertained about the subject of hard and soft treatments for windows.

Here they customize everything. Once you make a down payment and order, the countdown begins and before long your home is upgraded with paper, wood, faux-wood, bamboo, aluminum or fabric shades, in every style and color, some don’t even require drilling, they just snap into place. Some are reversible, upside down, and downside up, blackout, or see-though, or made out of fiberglass fabric, most importantly many kinds of solar shades are available, to block out the sun. Then they also have shutters, in every style and color, and a forest of fabric rolls, but I ran out of steam.

The business by Eljse Lacle started in 2007, checking into a corner at the now defunct Teak House. It then went on to develop a substantial private-client following. Later on, the showroom resided for a while at the same Schotlandstraat address, upstairs. It recently moved downstairs, into the fun, and spacious atelier, reflecting Elsje’s Technicolor taste and joyful personality.

I found a piece on Elsje’s Facebook that explains it all:

At Curtain Call we take great pride in our work. We want to be the best window treatments company – not just in Aruba, but anywhere! We know we are only as good as our reputation, and that`s why we`ll work with you until you`re happy with the outcome.
These are just a few reasons why Curtain Call is your only choice when you need window treatments, fabric or bedding.
Quality of finish: We use only the highest quality materials that fit within your budget, and ensure that they are exquisitely finished.
Service and installation: Our professional, friendly installation is without equal. We show up when we promise and work quickly and discreetly until the project is completed. And we`ll make sure to do a complete cleanup after the work is done.
Product selection: We`re proud to offer the widest product selection of fine fabrics and fixtures in Aruba, ranging from budget to premium. We offer residential and commercial grade materials for interior or exterior use, in a huge range of colors, textures, and patterns.
Friendly, responsive service: We love what we do, and it shows. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than taking care of your window treatment needs in a speedy and friendly manner. And we’re always available to our clients by cell phone (well, when we’re not sleeping…).
Personal consultation: We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your rooms look 100% to your liking. You can visit our showroom and browse our gigantic selection of fabrics. We’ll visit your home or office for a custom measurement. And we’ll combine your ideas with our resources to come up with the solution that’s just right for you.
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You must be totally satisfied with the window treatments, fabrics, and installation services we provide. We believe people should stand behind their work, and that’s exactly what we do. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

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September 20, 2017
Rona Coster