T.H. Palm and Company Hosts 7th Annual GNO

Friends and fans of T.H. Palm & Company looked forward with a great sense of anticipation to one of the season’s first parties, Girls Night Out, in its 7th edition this year.

Managing Director Jodi Tobman and the Salamander Group family members welcomed guests to the store, located street-side at Playa Linda Beach Resort, for a Tip Our Hats party, in celebration and appreciation of their local clients.

All Salamander Group associates wore feathered fashion hats so they could tip them, in reflection of the store’s attitude of gratitude.

Catered by Flavors, the delicious hors d’oeuvres included sliced filet mignon and fire roasted shrimp, over bottomless champagne cocktails, laced with camaraderie.

The evening also brought together some highly motivated women who represented six of Aruba’s not for profit organizations. These six representatives received generous donations that night from T.H. Palm & Company.

“I had the privilege of speaking to all of them, “says Jodi Tobman, “and they were so great, a powerful group of women. We all recognize we have different strengths and together, we go full circle to create what we hope to accomplish, and to serve the community we love. I feel so blessed,” she concluded.

Tobman was referring to the store’s Tikkun Olam program under which shoppers designate 2% percent of their purchases to the charity of their choice, picking from a community menu with the option to choose between an elderly recreational facility, Club Kibrihacha,60+, The Edmund Harms Hospice Foundation, Telefon pa Hubentud a help line for youth, the local cancer fund,  Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds, the shelter for Abused Women by Fundacion Hende Mujer den Dificultad and Fundacion Autismo Aruba.

The traditional gift given to guests at the end of Girls Night Out also reflected that attitude of gratitude, a baseball cap decorated with plenty of bling, proudly promoting Aruba’s laid-back Biba Lekker .

T.H. Palm & Company, on its fifth year of fund raising for the community under the Tikkun Olam program, delivers quarterly donations to Aruba’s not-for-profit foundations. The repair on the world checks derive from funds donated by the Salamander Group and store shoppers.

Pictured here, the much-enjoyed 7th annual Girls’ Night Out at T.H. Palm & Company

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December 02, 2011
Rona Coster