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I recently got some video clips s from a friend, I did not know if to laugh or to cry. He was hospitalized, in an emergency, with a life threatening condition, and was stuck in a room with five other snoring, farting, groaning and moaning patients, for his first night at HOH.

It is within the rights of a patient to snore, fart, groan and moan I am not disputing that, but clumping five men with different ailments in one room, doesn’t contributed to healing, on the contrary, it is a huge stress factor.

How is it possible that we spend millions, and still land in third world conditions when hospitalized?

The new hospital was supposed to have one or maximum two people to a room, but five sick grownups in just one space takes up back to Cuba or Venezuela.

And that’s where the missing 30 beds come in. I heard Premier Wever-Croes recently talking about 30 missing beds. Where are the missing beds, and why are they missing?

I went asking around and found many answers.

First I heard that when you convert dorms into single rooms or deuces, you lose a few beds in the process, and HOH was planned with 30 less beds, from the start.

But that’s not it.

My sources explained that the hospital is being renovated half a floor at the time. Half a floor? That’s about 30 beds. So in principle you empty half a floor, renovate it, then tackle the other half, moving patients from left to right, then back from right to left, and that’s where the loss lies.

Not so fast.

Plumbing had to be added, in order to convert dorms into singles or deuces, and once you touch plumbing, the whole building goes out of order and the idea to convert the West Wing’s fifth floor, from offices to patient rooms, was nixed.

Thirty beds still missing.

The backup plan was to use the fifth floor of the other building, but that changed too when the decision was made to convert it into OR, ICU and acute dialysis – that part still stands empty. There is also one more building, that’s still empty, that I understand was supposed to serve the specialists who are meanwhile renting spaces in the neighborhood.

Then HOH was going to use 22 beds at ImSan, rent the space, but changed its mind, because it could not see eye to eye with ImSan, that wanted to remain the host, instead of just getting out of the way.

Recently we heard HOH was going to buy modular units and place them in the parking lot, to be perhaps converted later into a dialysis center – at a high cost, when the bed inventory is complete.

I already told you about poor maintenance, earlier in the week.

Now the story is about poor planning.

The missing Operating Rooms, the drama with the Lab, Dialysis Center, the missing beds.

And if you’re still reading, don’t get sick, don’t age, don’t develop any chronic stuff, switch to steamed veggies and spring water!


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July 24, 2021
Rona Coster