Swarovski Champions Wildlife


Just arrived in Aruba, and available at the Swarovski Boutique in Oranjestad the latest limited edition of Swarovski Crystal Society collectibles, which are in the next three years dedicated to Endangered Wildlife.

The SCS releases limited editions each year and from 2008 on will explore wildlife, first creating two very charming pandas, whimsical and endearing figurines in faceted crystal with exceptional brilliance, and a cute panda cub. The 2008 edition which includes three different sad-eyed pandas, also offers a piece representing the panda’s food, bamboo.

Next year, a hint is provided in the title plaque: Swarovski will release what looks like from the footprints an endangered ape and then an endangered big cat.

The lovely Swarovski boutique also features a bridal section, a multi-colored paradise collection, a full line of bling jewelry, and the previous underwater SCS limited edition. “The pandas,” says owner Kelly Alwani, “help raise our level of awareness to environmental issues, and are the international symbol of the animal protection movement.”

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March 07, 2008
Rona Coster