Successful, at Kicking the Can Further Down the Road

Apparently Aruba has some issues with the recent version of the conditions for the upcoming financial support and all that could/would follow.

We are requesting a room upgrade on the titanic.

According to the MinPres we have issues with the pension age, ownership in GOA’s entities, dollarization, the answer is niet, accommodations of an already laid National Plan, and the scope of authority of the new supervising entity.

Thus a counter-proposal was sent to The Hague, for further negotiations.

But what about the money, some of my friends asked fearing their businesses would collapse in July if salary subsidies aren’t paid.

The MinPres obviously read their mind because she immediately announced Aruba has money for the July salaries and that the refinery search for investors is dandy, a great success.


REALLY? My first question was where did they get the 100M florins from?

They did not have enough to guarantee July payout to GOA’s employees before, but now they have enough cash for July and Su gust??

They are counting on cash from the Netherlands, so they are “borrowing” someplace short term.

This is the last hurrah, hopefully, before the fall, before facing the inevitable.

They are just sadly delaying what’s bound to happen.

When will GOA/Parliamentarians/party members/Union members be able to understand?

We are screaming for relief and structural changes, but it’s falling on deaf ears, at the cost of 4 million florins a day.

The grapevines report that hundreds of Policemen applied for a job in Bonaire. Clearly, even public employees in Aruba know things are doomed and do not expect any change soon. TheY would also love to work for a professional public service outfit.

It is evident that ONLY MINPRES sees the need to improve public services.

QUESTION: How can the other mules be swayed to join the cause?

How can we charge the silencio, keda sinta, wanta duro, laga e storm pasa default attitude that will result in financial default?

What can we do to avert disaster?  

Would a clear message from the people demanding that the local political elite sit on the side, unpaid, while a cadre of professionals prune and dramatically transform GOA?

Lamentably, I don’t see a strong desire for transformational change anywhere.

I see a bunch of malcria, entitled characters dedicated to waste our tax revenue, with ZERO customer awareness. The only thing that seems to matter to them is their pay slip at the end of this month.

What else needS to happen?

A KB after the situation has gone to the dogs? If GOA continues to play hardball, it might provoke an intervention, a la Statia, a KB. That’s a real blow.

What do the Aruban people want??

I saw a poll circulating, please support.   

Lastly according to Dr. Lin Wong in yesterday’s Antilliaans Dagblad.

Aruba’s governmental system is way too big and complex to ever succeed in managing this country successfully. We are setup for failure.

Solution: Simplify it dramatically; as the NL conditions prescribe.

One of the conditions for sustainability, is people’s continued critical feedback!


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July 17, 2020
Rona Coster