Stop Moaning, Stop Bitching, help is on the way!

I saw in various media outlets that MinPres generated a promising headline, Dump Parkietenbos is Closing in 2017. The article quoted the MinPres in a meeting with the neighborhood, and you know that he is in full election campaign mode, and whatever he says, must be verified, first.

It turns out, the statement is almost truthful, and is more or less correct.

The dump will not be closing so fast, but the process that will eventually bring to its demise, will start in early 2017, when Serlimar begins delivering waste to EcoGas. The waste will be sorted, compressed and baled and then it will be stored, until the gasification plant is up and running in full capacity.

To get the gasification plant up and running at full capacity, is a HUGE private sector investment. All our government has to do, is sign the agreement to surrender the island’s waste for processing at EcoGas, instead of dumping and burning it, in the landfill.

That process of tipping fee negotiations has been accelerated recently. Auditors went through the numbers and it was determined that turning Waste to Gas is a CHEAPER undertaking, than the current vile, irresponsible practice.

If I understood correctly, as soon as that agreement is signed, EcoGas will expand its operation, spend the money, increase its production, thus ushering the island into full recycling within the next year.

While I am totally pleased with the progress on that subject, the opposition is moaning and some Serlimar employees are bitching. All I can say is the following: This is the best solution for the island’s shameful waste handling. A local company with a successful track record is undertaking the challenger for us. We should send them flowers, and pray for their success, instead of moaning about the fact that garbage processing MIGHT become source of income. For now, it’s only costing them money. If EcoTech/Ecogas can make money from my trash, God Bless Them!

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December 06, 2016
Rona Coster