Stop Dicking Around

Good morning peeps. Hold on to your hats, we are going for a ride, and though DVG has not been transparent — they are still at 17 active cases this morning on the website — the MinPres at tonight’s press conference will have to tell us the truth.

I believe a double digit increase in active Covid19 cases will be revealed, today. Please God let me be wrong. The MinPres will say it’s OK, and that we can handle it. But the truth, I fear, is different. Even Curacao is worried about us.

We’ve had weeks of 20 and 30 year olds breathing, puffing & blowing in each other’s faces, at the night clubs, enough to start the second wave of public health crisis.

I wouldn’t want to scare visitors off. The hotels are doing an amazing job safeguarding them from the spread, but it’s the sleaze bag club operators, who torpedoed, and are still torpedoing our quest for economic recovery, in the name of THEIR economic recovery.

One of them write, and it is infuriating, in retrospect: Rona, It’s doesn’t matter how you spin it and I personally agree with you and I think it’s crazy how people behave on this crisis and the ignorance. But you ignited a debate that turned towards us, but should have directed towards the government. We comply with all the rules. But featuring us in your post, turned the subject to us instead of the broader debate. That is what we are very upset about. Your post is not contributing to anything… it’s now a way for people to find release of their frustration at our expense. Again, we even agree with your opinion. We don’t think it’s us to blame for it as we again… follow the rules and try to survive and keep staffers employed. And you not acknowledging this, is even more frustrating for us….

Why the government?

What broader debate?

What rules do you follow?

So in the name of employment you decided to sacrifice our public health!

And the musician crying about unemployment. Really? Is MinPres supposed to meet and comfort them? Such crybabies.  

Aren’t you collecting FASE like the rest of us? I don’t remember Checkpoint Color calling a press conference to complain when digital cameras took them out of the film development business. Their cheese moved, they reinvented themselves.

We have to stop dicking around and stick to protocols and guidelines. The kids who hang out at night places go home to their parents and grandparents. They are out of control, they do not give a hoot about their elders, thinking it’s cool to get drunk and act like nothing’s up.  

GOA should interfere here. Close some businesses down, or make them change their business model. ATA – remove some of the H&H seals. Out of respect to clients. They don’t deserve them. THIS THING AIN’T OVER YET.

Shame on clubs, and parents, yes, our local parents, who allow their kids to go out and NOT protect themselves.


Stop dicking around with the agreement with the Netherlands. We kicked the can down the road long enough. Let’s get off the pot. Sign. Move on. WITH RESOURCES. With a supervised plan. The stalling doesn’t contribute to anything. We need to move forward as soon as possible, now that even FASE is endangered. 

And spare us all public mudslinging by former ministers, Otmar Oduber, and Benny Sevinger, we are not interested, you all belong under the bus, so stay there.

The people of Aruba deserve better. Nuff with your dirty laundry.    

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August 05, 2020
Rona Coster