Stick to their gun and continue to pour water into the ocean

One of my friends reports that our former MinInfra is back in circulation and that he is meeting with MinPres, MinFec, MinSal – social affairs, labor – and POR parliamentarians.

I thought he was out to pasture, thankfully retired, and that he was smart, getting out in the nick of time before Pandora’s box opened. But perhaps he misses the action, and wants to jump back in??!!

On Friday, we read what MP Rocco Tjong had to say about the motherland. How can you say that, when you’re standing in the doorway, hat in hand?

They told you to restructure and make changes, the current model is not sustainable. Which part of that wasn’t clear?

Aruba couldn’t handle its finances with 98% occupancy, how can it handle the scale of its government with 0% occupancy?

It is safe to say we suffer from Delusional Grandeur, demonstrating such an inflated sense of self and an unrealistic understanding of our importance. If anything, Covi19 was supposed to teach us humility.

We also heard MinFec, why she thought the plan to save the business sector first, is faulty.

She sticks to her guns. She wants to help individuals – the only one in the kingdom to pick that route – and let the business community fend for itself.

I am just repeating what many people say: The plan of handing the unemployed up to Awg 950 directly was hatched by MinSal, who is, as already stated in the local media, a populist, a self-style man of the people, who loves grand gestures, and is hardly an economist.

And by virtue of NOT being an economist he now wants companies to present the FASE administration with an ‘action plan’ demonstrating their efforts to safeguard employment. Are you kiddin’ me? You now want the business community to TRUST your just-hatched FASE administration with their confidential financial information???

Who comes up with that baloney??

Now businesses have to pay between $2,500 to $5,000 to an outside consultant to formulate a ‘business plan’ that will pass the scrutiny of the clerks MinSal hired in a rush, to create the FASE administration???   

You understand that once that promise was made to the masses, it was hard to reel it back in.

And consequently, everyone now has to live by it despite of the fact that it is self-defeating, despite ATIA’s and Comerciantenan Uni’s protestation.

The only ones pleased are the Grant Thornton’s of this world who will have to write all these business plans and get paid for it!


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April 04, 2020
Rona Coster