Stepping up the Spaying and Neutering of street dogs and cats

Good news: Last week was the last day of surgery, in the new AWAA Animal Welfare Alliance facility, dedicated to neutering and spaying.  In their first 4 weeks they operated 402 dogs and cats, and we thank them for that.

How do they do it? They visit neighborhoods, and families, trap, operate and return the animals, helping to reduce our street dog and cat population.

And it’s all volunteer work, with a team from England working here for the first month.

But they need an ongoing flow of volunteers, to help trap, clean surgical instruments, supervise recovery, or sweet talk a dog or cat in distress.

It‘s hard work but you will be making a difference!!


Message from AWAA: We thank all our medical volunteers who took the plunge, buying a ticket on their own expense and just starting operating and doing their magic.

We thank our local volunteers for being there, even when the going gets tough. Its hard work, we are learning, adjusting and growing. Be proud! You make us operate the clinic every day!

We thank Super Food Plaza Aruba for the first local supporter to believe in our vision. With your donation we made it possible to start in 2022.

We thank the voters of @longtablearuba who voted for our video. You saw the need for change for our animals and voted!

We thank Wind Creek Crystal and Seaport Casino for making this contest possible and guarantee our continuance in 2023.

We thank COMPRA LTD for sponsoring the first 50 surgeries and Purina for the food donation.

We thank ASD Aruba for the surgery tables and keeping the clinic clean.

We thank Jackie for hosting our medical staff and being their chauffeur in the mornings.

We thank ProTec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV for keeping us cool inside.

We thank all of you that support us in anyway, we appreciate all the love.

Last but not least, we thank our partner foundation in the USA, One Love Foundation Inc. for always having our backs, whatever we ask – you deliver. You guys rock!

Ellen Sirianni, Cassie Murvay, and Berkley Cameron, are the three ONE LOVE FOUNDATION heroes.

They also donated generously to @StimamiSterilisami

StimamiSterilisami aims to fix 6,000 cats and dogs, in collaboration with AWAA.

IT WOULD TAKE 500-600K in donations to achieve that.

Thank you ATSA & AHATA, for your support.


AWAA reports they are still looking for volunteers medical and non-medical to strengthen their team. Join them!

They have a monthly donation set up through PayPal. Here is the link to follow:….



Stichting Animal Welfare Alliance Aruba

Account number: 6029930190


Wishing you all a great weekend!

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December 17, 2022
Rona Coster