Stay out of my pockets

On December 21st, we were informed about an upcoming maneho di tienda, as MinFec announced stores physically located outside the hotels will have to close on December 25th and January 1st, 2020

That is so outrageous.

I am inviting all of you, store owners, burdened by salaries, overhead and taxes to remain open!

Since when is that a decision MinFec should make?


So voters could stay home for another day and get paid.

Not work and collect.

Aruba has endured such an economic downturn, a devastating blow, can’t you leave the decision to open or close to the business community?

One of my retailer friends reports that in FEBRUARY her elves sent a letter to Economic Affairs requesting special dispensations to remain open on whatever days they should be closed.

She reports she has been doing it, off and on, depending on who’s in government, for years, applying and successfully obtaining permissions.

This year, 2020, her elves were told, it was no longer necessary, no permit applications were accepted, hurrah, she thought, common sense prevailed.

Then on December 21st MinFec sprang her populist, anti-commerce dictate, with some lame excuse that we have no cruise ships in harbor.

Aruba is blessed by visitors these day, why can’t you stay out of commerce’s pockets, and allow store-owners to make a living??


My retailer friend, has been telling me for years that all MEP governments are anti-commerce, because in the AVP days, she could open and close as she saw fit. It hurts me to admit she is right.

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December 24, 2020
Rona Coster