Starr is a Star

She texted me at 6:16am, about the evil Anderson corporation, emptying the safe, and taking all valuable equipment out of Senior Frog’s in an effort to ditch the franchise in Aruba, and avoid paying their bills.

She texted every media members in town, got Police, Immigration and the Tax Authority involved. Starr Ramos is obviously a fast thinking girl.

As the Sales and Marketing person for Senior Frog’s, the loud, swill-bucket-food café, on Palm Beach, she experienced the lack of funds and slashed budgets, but was unprepared for a man by the name of Daniel Orozco to arrived on the island on the late AA flight, with intensions to close down the joint and leave on the first flight out the following day.

But when she realized what the scenario was she moved, fast. End result: Immigration and Police intercepted, and took Orozco off the plane. He must have been shocked. He was sitting inside the aircraft ready to depart. He probably came here thinking this is a fast in and out job, land at night, axe 30 employees without explanation at about midnight, empty the safe, extract the sound system and freezers, get on a flight out the following day.

But Starr is a star, she got her support system together.

With the Police and Immigration’s blessing Orozco was escorted by his disgruntled employees to the tax office where Filomena Geerman added up everything owed by the corporation, advising him of their no-tiki-no-washi policy. You can’t pay what you owe? Then you cannot leave the country.

The employees’ lawyer Lincoln Gomez also informed the trouble Orozco that all employees must continue to receive salaries until the company’s bankruptcy goes through.

There was a poorly attended press conference last night, hosted by Orozco and his lawyer. But he too could not defend his thief-in-the-night tactics.

It is the company’s right to close a failing franchise, but the laws of this country must be respected. The Mexican Bandito behavior, is not appreciated in Aruba.

I think the unhappy employees of Aura Casino, left hanging since December last year should hire Starr Ramos as their consultant to help them with their case against their former SOB employer.

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November 24, 2016
Rona Coster