Sport Caribe Introduces Adidas Golf to Aruba

??A typical round of golf takes approximately four hours to complete. That much time on a golf course in the Aruban sun fatigues the body and depletes energy. Ask any local golfer and he will tell you that what you wear makes a huge difference between a good and a bad round of play.

Adidas golf shirts and pants are constructed with the latest CoolMAx technology to improve airflow to the skin which keeps the body cool during hours of play and helps fight fatigue, keep energy levels up. All of which lend the golfer the ability to achieve optimal performance right through the round.

Sport Caribe gave a number of local golfers an opportunity to test their latest shipment of golf apparel at Tierra del Sol on a typical hot Sunday afternoon when the temperatures peaked. After the round all players agreed the shirts and pants were not only very comfortable but they handled temperatures very well, reducing perspiration while out on the course.

Noted as the leader in golf apparel, Adidas is worn by more professional golfers around the world than any other brand. And now those same shirts, shorts, pants, belts and caps worn by the pros are all available at Sport Caribe for both men and women. Bags, gloves and shoes round up an impressive golf line offered by Sport Caribe. Even non golfers will be pleased with the styles of Adidas polos and long pants, which are not only stylish to wear to work but also very comfortable.

Sport Caribe is located downtown on Emmastraat. For more information call 583 1571

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December 05, 2011
Rona Coster