Spirited Union, an innovative botanical rum, by Aruban entrepreneur Ruben Maduro

We’re proud of our people.

We should be. There is a lot of talent and entrepreneurship to uncover in the people of this 20 x 6.

In June, the Screaming Eagle hosted a cocktail party to introduce Spirited Union, a new botanical Rum in 6 incarnations, one more peculiar and particular than the next, available here at Pepia Est.

Pink Grapefruit & Rose, a citrus forward floral rum, made from redistilled Swazi rum with the skin of blush-pink grapefruits and blood oranges, vapor infused with garden rose, and honey-scented elderflower blossom!

Queen Pineapple & Spice, redistilled with two-year-old Panamanian rum, infused with the deliciously fruity queen pineapple, cinnamon and cloves.

Lemon & Leaf, made from FRESH sugar cane juice with zesty lemons grown along the Amalfi coast, married to blue eucalyptus leaves.

Don’t you feel like having a cocktail, right now?

I talked to Ruben Maduro about his brain child.

Ruben has worked for BOLS for many years, and noticed over time that the CRAFT REVOLUTION that swept Vodka and Gin skipped rum.

You could get Rum, artificially flavored with a picture of a pirate and a parrot on the label, but there was no craft involved and no pursuit of true quality in the making of the Caribbean’s best export, he shares.

Thus, five years ago with small funding he started experimenting and continued marketing his product with the onset of the pandemic, to a total of fifteen markets.

Ruben says that Rum runs in his veins. His grandpa, Santiago Tromp, used to run a boat to Cuba, as early as 1910, delivering Arubans to work in the sugar cane fields and returning loaded with rums kegs, for the island’s iconic rum shops. Historically, he explains, the island has a rich relationship with Cuba and with Rum, and that family legacy inspired Ruben to launch his product in 2017.

He is proud to report Spirited Union is going places. During the pandemic he’s had a promotion running in Europe with the ATA, and new craft rum aficionados come on board every day.

The event at Screaming Eagle was well attended with lots of decision-makers in the Food & Beverage field, and you could already order a craft cocktail made with Spirited Union botanical rums at Infini and Papiamento restaurants. It is also available in select shops and at the distributor, Pepia Est.

Ruben’s distillery is operating from the Netherlands where he now lives, and his botanical lab continues experimenting with rums from around the world and complex flavors to let everyone taste the tropics.

AWARDS? Best new product in a show in the UK, in 2020.

Way to go.

Go to the website for craft cocktail recipes and more info. Spirited-Union.com

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July 10, 2021
Rona Coster