Special Recognition for Dimitri Pavlowitch

Aviation veteran Dimitri Pavlowitch, the General Manager of General Air Services at Reina Beatrix Airport received a standing-ovation as his praises were recited by Managing Director and CEO Alejandro Muyale, during the company’s yearend gala affair at the Westin Aruba Resort.

Pavlowitch was lauded for his patience, his ever-readiness, his easy manner, and steel resolution, his foresight and true grit, in handling airplanes, company employees and passengers at the busy airport: “Unafraid to propose what is bold, not conforming to the usual mold, never backing down when he sees what is true, and telling it all straight, and meaning it all too.”

The humble Pavlowitch accepted the handshake and the engraved plaque from Muyale garciously, and without lingering any further went on to share it with his peers as he presented the top performers of General Air Services and Tiara Air with their certificates and plaques.

General Air Service provides Ground Handling Services at the airport handling a great number of airline companies, as well as Tiara Air, Aruba’s national airline.

Pictured here the award ceremony with Pavlowitch, Muyale, Nelio Gomes Da Silva and an elf!

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December 23, 2011
Rona Coster