Spearfishing, back stabbing, and bickering,

Apparently, loyal soldiers of the former MinInfra, the one whose kitchen went on fire, the one investigated by the Dutch under code-file Flamingo, accompanied by current minister of the Primary Sector, got behind MinJust, to create an unprecedented waiver (gedoogbeleid) of the law for spearfishing.

It is no secret that the Minister of the Primary Sector is an avid spear/fisherman and he must have thought why let a CoVid19 crisis go to waste? So, he tried to push a campaign issue, after all we are in a state-of-emergency, and while spearfishing is against the law-of-the-land, and against international treaties, and the wish of the people, the MinJust should grant a dispensation just once, these are not normal times, the fishermen are hungry and ticked off, he must make an exception, otherwise lose their votes!

The issue is only partly under the MinJust’s umbrella, it is really the MinInfra’s turf, as the chief protector of the environment, since February 2020. So the former brilliant lawyer, turned out MinJust found himself overreaching his authority.

MinInfra supported by the director of the Environmental Department  – sporting a Panama hat – explained that what MinJust had cooked up simply didn’t have a proper legal framework, it was perhaps political, but is wasn’t legal to issue permits and of course control them. The government can hardly enforce rules on land, imagine underwater?

I am speculating pressure was applied to accommodate spearfishing and when the stubborn, raven-haired MinInfra, said NO, the petulant MinJust left the room on Friday, stating he couldn’t possibly remain in the same space with his nemesis, Minister Marisol Lopez Tromp.

It’s been weeks now that MinJust is trying to get rid of MinInfra, backstabbing and conniving on behalf of the former-MinInfra.

Apparently the MinJust is taking orders from the puppet-master! And it seems that the puppet-master has also mastered the art of ventriloquy, because we see MinJust speak, but the words that come out are of his mouth are those of the puppet-master

Another point of contention, and the current MinInfra is on a roll, empowered by promises made during the election campaign and the coalition Plan di Gobernacion,  she is set to uncover irregularities at the land department. This week a number of loyal soldiers of the former-MinInfra were barred from entering DIP, the land department. They were put in strategic places during the former administration taking orders from the puppet-master, but were recently snuffed, suspended, by the current administration in an effort to clean house.

Parke Arikok was also in discussion, with the UTV/ATV ban, endorsed by MinInfra and abhorred by her coalition ministers who are scared of losing votes. She stands by the ban, denying excessive access to the park, helping claim nature back from its destroyers. Meanwhile, the UTV/ATV boys took the Park to court along with Aruba Bird Life Foundation and the current MinInfra. The judge will make the call in the next few days.  Normally, MinJust wouldn’t touch or comment on a live court case, but now that doesn’t seem to deter him.

According to the MinInfra she just got a letter, stripping her of her portfolio, without a valid reason. It is against the law, she explained, since the Council of Ministers doesn’t have the authority to strip a minister of his duties, only parliament can.

MinJust, adamant in his attempt to oust her, forgot that before he rose to power, he was fast to announce that our constitution doesn’t allow a minister without portfolio, but that was when he was sitting on the opposition benches, and the subject of discussion was former minister Paul Croes. His statement was recorded on video, and it’s making the rounds on social media, at the moment.

On a personal note, the MinInfra will be escorting her daughter to school in the Netherlands tomorrow and will not be available for bickering, for the next week.

Needless to say, we have a coalition government, the first in 20 years, and all bickering endangers the fragile alliance and torpedoes our much-needed stability, during our worst economic downturn, ever.

The MinInfra, as a member of POR, is now deeply alienated from her party colleagues. The MinPres, assumed the responsibility for the portfolio, allowing Marisol Lopez Tromp, the fast-track development projects. The puppet-master dictated that letter, the MinJust wrote it, and MinPres signed it.

As mention before back stabbing, and bickering abound.

I say, MinInfra don’t bend. Show us what you’re made of. Happy travel, take care of the kid, come back recharged, really to rumble.    



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July 25, 2020
Rona Coster