Southco Group enjoys a well orchestrated experience

Southco At AmazoniaThe Southco Group mixing a bit of business with pleasure on the island enjoyed a well orchestrated dining experience while here at Amazonia Churrascaria. The group was seated in a special room and was given VIP service by the friendly carvers and waiters. The restaurant’s dining experience which consists of an abundant salad bar with over thirty selections was complemented by the famed Brazilian-style gauchos, roaming the dining room hoisting large rotisserie spits with select hot-off-the-grill selections of steak, lamb, pork and chicken, paired with excellent wines and the house signature caipirinhas, delicious rum and lime cocktails. Pictured here Southco Distribution enjoying an evening out at Amazonia Churrascaria.

The group stayed at the Radisson Aruba resort Casino & Spa, golfed, shopped, fished and generally had a great time under the guidance of Sherwin Herring and Melanie Herring.

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May 10, 2008
Rona Coster