Soup is good for the soul

Soup is good food, especially for lunch, you get something comforting in your stomach, and there is no need to pass out and crash, once you put your spoon down.

I have tried soup in high and low places, and many times it’s a miss, not a hit.

I blame Knorr, founded in 1838 by Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr, in Heilbronn Germany. The idea must have been good back then, drying vegetables and seasonings, but anyone who thinks he can pour Knorr Bouillon over boiling water and call it soup is making a grave mistake.

We can taste the fake. Especially in the awful so-called Dutch Pea Soups, and so called Dutch Tomato Soup peddled by many local markets and eateries, murdered by overpowering powder seasoning.  

Lazy people shouldn’t make it.

So where can you get a decent soup?

GOSTOSO. The other evening, we arrived at Gostoso early and found they had four or five soups on the menu including Pumpkin and Lentils. I can vouch for the Lentil Soup, with little fresh pieces of cilantro floating on top, not too thick not too watery. Perfect.

GARDEN FRESH CAFE. They only have one soup, it’s the soup of the day. I once had their chicken soup, it was the Latin version, with some root vegetables, and little fresh pieces of cilantro floating on top. They also make good Lentil Soup, and serve all in generous containers. I am often tempted to stop in the designated 10-minute parking spot, when I drive by the Playa Linda Beach Resort.

DONA JACINTA. Apparently Don Jacinto did so well in town, it had a baby sister in the High Rise Hotel Area, tucked behind a gallery of the world’s ugliest souvenir stores. Their chicken soup is worth crossing the street from Playa Linda Beach Resort. Clear broth, tender pieces of chicken, crisp veggies, and …. little fresh pieces of cilantro floating on top. It comes with their reasonably priced lunch special. Son #1 dug into their Mondongo, a soup made from diced tripe, slow-cooked with vegetables, but that is an acquired taste and I do not recommend it to everybody!

SUNSET GRILLE. I like their Lobster Bisque, I always have it, served under a dome of flaky pastry, steaming, smooth, and creamy, and tasting of crustaceans and brandy. I also LOVE It with Pernod.

BINGO. I don’t know what possessed me but I recently had their onion soup. I’d have it again.

INDO. Saoto soup, Indonesian Chicken Soup. It’s a complete meal, and always tasty.

SILLA’s BAR & RESTAURANT. I asked around, who makes good Creole soups, and that name surfaced, located across Manuelito’s bar in town. I will stop by.   


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August 14, 2019
Rona Coster