Solo PopUp Exhibition by Grace Ashruf Rahusen

By nature, once you realize a popup exhibition is there, it’s gone.

Artist Grace Ashruf Rahusen presented a show of over 40 new works on Italienstraat, in a location once occupied by a furniture store, between BodyTech Gym and OP=OP, just a perfect warehouse that embraced her colorful canvases in a nicely air-conditioned hug, over chilled wines by H&H Fine Wines & Spirits.

The popup remained on view for one week, and 10% of funds from sold works were donated to Fundacion pa Hende Mujer den Difficultad.

Grace gave a short description of her work before opening the door to the exhibit, she talked about Balance, which was the title of the expo, the balance she finds between conflicting poles and complementing colors, as she divides each canvas into seemingly-different visual fields, that hang in a balance.       

Grace incorporates some enigmatic lettering and symbols in her work, layering them thick with paint to create a tactile effect. Her contemporary designs and color combinations, are as striking and evocative as ever.

An exceptional colorist with a warm and vibrant palate – her red/rust is especially memorable, Grace enjoys a local following of contemporary art lovers, and she has shown her work at various solo exhibits, I counted five in recent years, always dedicating some of the proceeds to charity.

Grace thanked her husband Ferdinand for his support, making the space available. It is on the market for rent, and meanwhile, serves as a gallery.

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December 06, 2019
Rona Coster